Saturday, November 9, 2013

why people are afraid to take insurance

Why do people tend to be lazy discussing the topic of life insurance ? Indeed they avoided talking about insurance as it relates to the things they do not like . Fair is not it? If we - say - not like an artist , then we would be reluctant to talk about it instead . Listening name or song alone is the stomach feels queasy hehehe ...
Death , accident , disability and pain . The words that hopefully we never experienced it . Everyone may hate the circumstances . Unfortunately in this way means that they avoid a vital

part of a financial plan . Everyone will die not , and 80 % of people die certainly passed a critical period . Accidents causing disability can happen at any time , without prior notice . Many cases popping up left family suffered for years due to the breadwinner dies . Why are so many people who do not believe in Life
Insurance ? Everyone wants to go to heaven , but nobody wants to die , just a proverb . As a religious person , and of course we have to be sure that everyone would willingly die , is not it?
People would believe the insurance if he believes that his family would receive an amount of money in critical
moments . The problem is to get the protection that we have to spend some money . And we did not get any at the time we pay a premium . Differences with clothing or food that can be eaten shortly we wear or we pay the money at the checkout . So when people do not want to spend some money for
protection ( which is not necessarily the result was directly ) , that's when he would issue the reason that he
does not believe in insurance . Ironic , because he will sacrifice the continuity of family welfare if he is not able to produce poorer because of critical illness , accident or even death .
Then why are most people avoid a life insurance agent ? A fact that life insurance is one product that is very hard to sell , because it discusses the things that happened unwanted by consumers . Due to the fact tersebutlah many insurance marketers sometimes use way too " pushy " that annoy the consumer . And instinct all people are not like pressed . As a result of this negative perception that many families
are left in a financial situation that is not protected . It is important to separate dislike of LIFE INSURANCE
PRODUCTS ( and their need for life insurance ) or dislike of her MARKETING AGENT .
Why are many people who feel no need life insurance ? Again this is a very senuah unfavorable perception but is generally accepted , because it is influenced by both good and bad information ; right and wrong . Most people actually feel not require insurance in a state do notunderstand the concept of life insurance itself . Since most of news about life insurance is bad , so this is shaping public opinion and then do not like life
insurance . Agents are irritating , a waste of money , pray for a quick death , and a variety of other reasons that lead to the actual raised failure to understand the concept of insurance . And this is precisely what form the mindset that they do not need insurance . Try to be wise to put aside negative perceptions and
advance neutrally assess the benefits of life insurance . Do you really did not need it ? Or is it really needed ?
Why do many people feel they have no money for life insurance ? The problem here is not an issue of money has or not , but whether life insurance is placed on the priority "  spending " or not . Because of competition from other investment products or clear more real will make people feel insurance is not a top priority . It is a top priority

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