Thursday, November 28, 2013

Insurance Can Be Alternatives For Management Disaster

The use of insurance as a step to anticipate the magnitude of the losses is very possible disaster. This is because the basic principle of insurance as the transferee of the risk borne. Reconciliation and Reconstruction Deputy National Disaster

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tips for Choosing a Good and Safe Insurance

People now began to be careful withdetermining the type of investment insurance isno exception . It was in response to the rise ofinvestment bulgings . Even later last insurance productsalso assessed the full risk due to possible claims couldnot be cashed . The case against one of the famousmusician Ahmad Dhani boy named Abdul Qadir Jilani (AQJ ) aka Dul .
So , what is the things need to be does / did by the investor or buyer of insurance beforechoosing insurance products are good and safe ?
Chairman of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI ) Hendrisman Rahim tried to give a view . "Basically everything is actually a good insurancecompany , but it must be careful before buying , " saidwhen met at his office Hendrisman The Plaza Office Tower , Jakarta , Friday ( 27/09/2013 ) . 

Education plan with insurance

EXAMPLE The following is the parents who provide " security education " for their children : 
Insured Name : Mr. X 
Insured Age : 30 years 
Insured Gender : Male 
Policyholder Name : Children 
Policyholder Age : 1 year 
Relationship with the Insured : Parents 
Sum Assured : Rp 100.000.000 , - 
Premium Payment Period : 6 years 
Insurance Period : 18 years 

Plan the retirement with insurance

No one can knows the future , but anyone can design their future well !
Similarly, in the financial planning for your future .Planning is not everything , but everything needs planning ... Money is not everything , but almost everything needs money ...
At the time of retirement , of course we need money , at least for the necessities of life ! Indeed , every person would like to enjoy his retirement ...

How to protect your income with insurance

How to create income for your family's protection ? ? ?
Around us , there is a lot of families to be troubled , one main cause is financially ! Life becomes less ischarge even uncomfortable . It is very possible because some of the things below , which was originally expected / want / dream never came true , such as :

  • A dream house cannot be held
  • Dream car yet can also be purchased
  • Cost for the school children are still not guaranteed

why people are afraid to take insurance

Why do people tend to be lazy discussing the topic of life insurance ? Indeed they avoided talking about insurance as it relates to the things they do not like . Fair is not it? If we - say - not like an artist , then we would be reluctant to talk about it instead . Listening name or song alone is the stomach feels queasy hehehe ...
Death , accident , disability and pain . The words that hopefully we never experienced it . Everyone may hate the circumstances . Unfortunately in this way means that they avoid a vital

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why do we need insurance?

The main benefit of the insurance has insured financial position (Customer) back to the time before there is a loss. But other than that, insurance can also reduce the risk of uncertainty, can reduce the losses due to the financial burden that comes suddenly, giving the feeling of security, and many other benefits.

We can already be sure that in the future will come : 

  1. If the illness / accident, whether our wealth would be used to pay for doctors, medicine and hospitals? After that, if the family can still live life as before? 
  2. By the time the child will enter / attend school / college, if needed  education funding already available? 
  3. In retirement should enjoy life, whether it's pension fund already set up, so we did not have to work longer to meet the needs of family life? 
  4. When called upon the Lord, whether we care Ύαηб family can still survive with their lives comfortably?


One way wise, smart and good in designing financial future is with insurance. Insurance is a form of saving  can be done by someone aged  productive by setting aside a portion of income each month ... To achieve financial freedom in terms of the required course of struggle and sacrifice. We must set aside 10% -20% monthly income for savings / invest, that's the price of a future financial freedom

basic principles of insurance

There are 6 kinds of basic principles that must be met in the world of insurance, namely: insurable interest, utmost good faith, proximate cause, indemnity, subrogation and contribution.

  1. insurable interest : The right to insure arising out of a financial relationship, between you and the subject matter insured and can be legally recognized.
  2. Utmost good faith : An action to disclose accurately and completely, all facts material (material fact) about something that would be insured, whether requested or not. For example: Adira must honestly explain everything clearly about the extent of the terms / conditions of the insurance, and you also have to provide a clear and correct for objects or interests of the insured.
  3. proximate cause  : Means the active, efficient cause of events which brings about a result without the intervention of any force started and working actively from a new and independent source. 
  4. Indemnity  : A mechanism in which the insurer provides financial compensation to put you in a financial position that you had prior to the loss 
  5. Subrogation : The transfer of the right to request from your insurer after a claim has been paid.
  6. Contribution  : Insurer the right to invite other insurance companies to equally bear, but do not have the same obligations to you in providing indemnity.

what is insurance

okay, This blog begins with understanding insurance

Insurance is a form of risk control, by way of transfer / transfer of risk from the first party to the other party, in this case, to the insurer. Transfer is based on legal rules and principles that apply universally, adopted by the first party and other parties.

 Insurance also is a system to lower the risk of financial loss by channeling loss of a person or entity to another .

every person has insurance
learning this blog and you will be interested in the insurance