Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why do we need insurance?

The main benefit of the insurance has insured financial position (Customer) back to the time before there is a loss. But other than that, insurance can also reduce the risk of uncertainty, can reduce the losses due to the financial burden that comes suddenly, giving the feeling of security, and many other benefits.

We can already be sure that in the future will come : 

  1. If the illness / accident, whether our wealth would be used to pay for doctors, medicine and hospitals? After that, if the family can still live life as before? 
  2. By the time the child will enter / attend school / college, if needed  education funding already available? 
  3. In retirement should enjoy life, whether it's pension fund already set up, so we did not have to work longer to meet the needs of family life? 
  4. When called upon the Lord, whether we care Ύαηб family can still survive with their lives comfortably?


One way wise, smart and good in designing financial future is with insurance. Insurance is a form of saving  can be done by someone aged  productive by setting aside a portion of income each month ... To achieve financial freedom in terms of the required course of struggle and sacrifice. We must set aside 10% -20% monthly income for savings / invest, that's the price of a future financial freedom

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