Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tips for Choosing a Good and Safe Insurance

People now began to be careful withdetermining the type of investment insurance isno exception . It was in response to the rise ofinvestment bulgings . Even later last insurance productsalso assessed the full risk due to possible claims couldnot be cashed . The case against one of the famousmusician Ahmad Dhani boy named Abdul Qadir Jilani (AQJ ) aka Dul .
So , what is the things need to be does / did by the investor or buyer of insurance beforechoosing insurance products are good and safe ?
Chairman of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI ) Hendrisman Rahim tried to give a view . "Basically everything is actually a good insurancecompany , but it must be careful before buying , " saidwhen met at his office Hendrisman The Plaza Office Tower , Jakarta , Friday ( 27/09/2013 ) . 

He explainedthat , the first thing to do is asking the buyer policy indetail to the dealer what rights and obligations betweenthe seller and the buyer . "
The problem is at the time ofpurchasing the policy should be to ask the first agentfirst , what our rights as a buyer and seller liability , " hesaid . After that , ask again what is the things that canbe covered with the insurance . " Asks / Askedwill be able to cover anything ? What ourobligation , liability insurance companies , the claimsdoes / did not gets / got paid if anything so clear that atthe time of the claim not confused , " he said .
In addition , choose a product or an insurance companythat has been secured and trusted . " Every year there isno insurance company involved - award award was awar- award that has it so relatively well although it does notwarrant that this awards / awarded , " he said .
However, according to him , if an insurance company has daredto sell its products , it means that the company is readyto pay insurance claims . " I personally that all insurancecompanies that dare to sell means already committed .Si buyer should know , he should be asked for the bitterend to his agent , it also does not automatically eliminatethe dispute , " he explained . 

He added that the case ofunpaid claims is due to the possibility of satinyarequirements between the buyers and sellers ofinsurance are not met .
For example , the intentionalfactor to an accident and the like while a reference is a direct reference)">refer to the policy . Was intentional accidents could be a factor . But maybe it's still in the process is not necessarily reject the claim , " he said . Performance of Life Insurance Indonesian Life Insurance Association ( AAJI ) recorded a total revenue of the industry is made ​​up of 45 life insurance companies amounted to Rp 71.83 trillion in the second quarter of 2013.
This figure is up 22.85 % over the same period the previous year of Rp 58.46 trillion . Of the total income , premium income is still the main driver of growth with a contribution of Rp 57.59 trillion or 80.17 % of total revenue . incoming premiums rose 14.48 % over the same period the previous year . "
What's interesting about this 2013 second quarter performance was a significant increase in national life insurance industry investment reached Rp245.17 trillion, which grew 17.74 % from the same period the previous year , " said Hendrisman . 

He also said investment yield ( yield ) life insurance companies also grew significantly to reach Rp 12.23 trillion, up 78.37 % over the same period the previous year which amounted to Rp 6.85 trillion .
As a result , it encourages the growth of a significant increase in the number of industrial assets to Rp 281.2 trillion, up 37.65 % over the previous year which recorded assets of Rp 204.28 trillion . " Total assets grew 37.65 % showed strength in the life insurance pays obligations to its customers , " he said .
He also said the number of new premium production in the second quarter of 2013 grew 7.10 % to Rp 37.4 trillion . Of this growth , the premium unit linked back taking a larger portion than the traditional premium of Rp 19.28 trillion ( 51.55 % ) and Rp 18.12 trillion ( 48.45 % ) .
Similarly, premiums continued to grow 31.25 % to Rp 20.18 trillion in the second quarter of 2013, the premium unit this link again dominate with a share of Rp 13.17 trillion ( 65.25 % ) , while the traditional premium Rp 7.01 trillion ( 34.75 % ) .

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